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Y A R K: The Blogging

ad nauseam

Wicker King
I like lots of bands and watching movies and talking to friends and going to clubs.

No, not really.
aardvarks, aardwolves, albatrosses, alpha, angry salad, apes, atria, bedside manners, bricks, canned beets, cape cod, carp, cases, catamounts, cattle prods, clasps, clethrionomys gapperi, cloisters, cornnuts, correctly used apostrophes, cowboy andy, cowboy bebop, crampons, cranberries, croutons, definite articles, double-digit gas mileage, duran duran, egg whites, egrets, evil bob, eye contact, fish tank filters, flying squirrels, fred, fruitcakes, gardens, genuals, gift horses, gorgonzola, graters, greta garbo, guster, harpo marx, hasps, hats, head cases, headphones, headsets, hobos, hoof-and-mouth disease, indefinite articles, jibblies, jodhpurs, juke joints, jukeboxes, kibble, kipple, kleenex, lassos, lawns, leaves, left parenthesis, lint, llama glama, lofts, logjams, loofahs, lotro, lymph nodes, moxy fruvous, needlework, neverland, neverwhere, newspaper articles, nodnoding, noses, nouning, nozzles, nubians, number 6, oleander, omphaloskepsis, oompa-loompas, opera, oprah, ornery varmints, oxidation, oysters, perl, phish, phlegm, phloem, photocopies, puck, quislings, quotation marks, radii, radishes, rattan, recliners, reduction, rhubarb, rhumbas, ritz, rolling hitches, rome, romeo, rostra, rubber, sage, scaldings, shin guards, skinks, skunk cabbage, snow, spackle, spelunking, spoilers, stars, sticks, straps, streetlight people, studebakers, tacks, tamarind, telephone disinfectant, the big friend, the log lady, the number eight, tree bark, tree-trimming, tremont street, triage, turbine, upside-down a's, verbs, voles, vomitoria, watchers, wicker, widgets, wind, window envelopes, xylum, yaks, yark, yodels, zinc, zoo guards