Wicker King (jtoomey) wrote,
Wicker King

tasty cakes

OK, so you know what really gets on my nerves? When people say that their cakes are tasty, but they aren't. I mean, I KNOW a tasty cake when I eat it, and some cakes aren't tasty, so don't call them tasty cakes! How difficult is this?

Really, it is rather self defeating to tell people that your cake is tasty when it isn't, because they're going to know after the very first bite that the cake isn't tasty, and they're not going to believe any future protestations regarding the tastiness or non-tastiness of cakes from you in the future. All of your upcoming cakes, tasty or not, will be summarily dismissed as non-tasty, and all because you couldn't just admit that a non-tasty cake was non-tasty.

Don't get me wrong, there is a bit of variation from person to person in what is considered tasty. Your tasty cake may be non-tasty to me, and vice versa. As they said in Latin, 'de tastibus non desputabit.' But that's not what I'm referring to; I'm talking about a flat out violation of tasty trust in which the tastless baker insists that a cake which he or she does not consider to be tasty is promoted as tasty.

Let's all try and make this season a season of tasty cakes, but let's be honest, and admit that non-tasty cakes are just that -- not tasty.

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