Wicker King (jtoomey) wrote,
Wicker King

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"The Seeker"?

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Odd you should post about The Seeker - I just saw a commercial for it. Is that Christopher Eccleston I saw...? Hmmm. :)


September 25 2007, 01:16:53 UTC 11 years ago

It always worries me to see a film made of a favorite; when the producers feel the need to rename and skip to the middle as well... it just doesn't bode particularly auspiciously. :)
Oops, posting from un-logged-in home. :)
Am with you on that -- when I saw the trailer in front of HP:OOTP earlier this summer, it was called something else altogether. And it's so sad, because the series is a great read.
Looks like yet another series I'll have to add to my reading list!
Oh hells yes. :)
Cool! I'm guessing I should read them in order? The first book isn't available right now through paperbookswap.com, but I'll stick it on my wishlist and wait for it if reading in order is key. :)
I don't know if it's an absolute necessity, but I would certainly read them in order if at all possible.
Then that's what I'll do. :)