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Songs You Might Find Interesting: A21-24

21) Ana Ng - They Might be Giants
      ...because, outside of Particle Man, this was the first TMBG song I ever heard, I think
      ...because knowing it may save your ass in The Sorceress' Tower should you ever play Kingdom of Loathing
      ...because it's TMBG in a nutshell; if you don't like Ana Ng, you're probably not going to like anything else they do
      ...to the cryptic, circular lyrics -- who was at the DuPont Pavillion? Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there?

22) Annie's Song - John Denver
      ...because it was "the song" at my wedding
      ...because John Denver is (extremely) unfairly dismissed by a large number of people as 70s schlock
      ...because Denver's melodies work with their lyrics better than just about anybody else's -- the two almost always feel part and parcel, indistinct
      ...to one of the purest songs about love ever written

23) Aqualung - Jethro Tull
      ...because it has that classic guitar line
      ...because as uncofortable as the lyrics are, they're also wonderfully evocative
      ...because dynamics are important, damn it, and Tull seem to actually get that
      ...to the transitions between themes; the song is unexpectedly complex for a radio hit

24) Asleep and Dreaming - The Magnetic Fields
      ...because if I don't point it out, who will?
      ...because The Magnetic Fields' harmonies are always gorgeously twisting
      ...because it's not even two minutes long -- if you don't like it, no harm, no foul
      ...to all of these songs again. Maybe twice. :)
( Hope you enjoyed the list. Someday I'll get started on this B list I've had sitting around for ages now. ;) )
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Yay, more songs!

21) While certainly not my favorite TMBG song, anything that brings people into the fold is a good thing. :)

22) I credit Behind The Music for enlightening me on John Denver, oddly enough. I have a much deeper appreciation for the artist he was now than I ever did growing up.

24) I have 69 Love Songs, thanks to a generous LJer, although I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't actually listened to it all yet. (And I appear to only have 68 tracks, which bugs me, because I can't figure out which one I'm missing, grrr). But I love All My Little Words.
Make a hole with a gun perpendicular
To the name of this town in a desk-top globe
Exit wound in a foreign nation
Showing the home of the one this was written for...

They rule.
I have an appreciation for Annie's Song, although not necessarily for John Denver's reason for writing. Seems he'd had an affair while touring and he wrote the song in a sweet, poetic, but somewhat forced and desperate attempt to show Annie that he loved her dearly. As such the song has such a bittersweet quality... even with some very powerful lyrics.
I know the story behind it, but my read has never leaned toward forced or desperate. I think Denver was a man who cared about one thing, far more than anything else: music. In his lack of care for everything else, I think, he destroyed the rest of his life. I believe he loved his wife, but that he was too slow in realizing how much he loved her, and, even had he realized in time, it would have just delayed the inevitable, and he'd have hurt her again, later. In "This Old Guitar," I think he hits the nail on the head: "This old guitar brought me my lovely lady / It opened up her eyes and ears to me / It brought us close together, and I guess it broke her heart." Well, if it didn't break her heart, I think the fact that he loved the guitar more than he did her did break her heart.

Or maybe I'm completely wrong. ;)

Thanks for the thoughts!

Get on with it already, mister. :P
Happy? ;)
Also, I'd like to turn your drawing "Leaf" into a tattoo. Wouldn't do it without your permission, of course. :)
That would not only be fine with me, but completely blow my mind. If you ever go through with it, I want a photo. :)