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Songs You Might Find Interesting: A13-16

13) All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
      ...because the seven-time in the verse is wonderfully unobtrusive (and catchy!)
      ...because it makes me think of The Prisoner
      ...because it's true
      ...to the horn section go freakin' nuts, along with Paul, who apparently forgets what song they're doing ;)

14) Amazon - John Denver (The Wildlife Concert)
      ...because the trees, rivers and flowers need a voice too
      ...because nobody did environmental songs like Denver, and it's a tragedy that many of them didn't get listened to during his final years
      ...because it's got a simple structure, yet it builds into a thundering climax
      ...to the awesome recorder solos -- yeah, that's right, recorder solos

15) America - Simon & Garfunkel
      ...because it's the heart of the Bookends album, and that album tends to get unfairly overlooked
      ...because the final verse is *perfect*
      ...because we're all lost, sometimes, even when we know exactly where we are
      ...to the instrumentation, and dynamics, and intonation, and... well, everything

16) America the Beautiful - Ray Charles
      ...because it's the best rendition of the song ever recorded
      ...because Ray's voice was a national treasure, and it was clear that he meant every word he sang
      ...because if you only think of Diet Pepsi and lottery commercials when you think of Ray Charles, then you're missing out, something fierce
      ...to the skillful arrangement -- by beginning with the third verse, Ray keeps the better known lyrics close to his vest until we're fully engaged
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Just a few days ago I was lucky enough to find and purchase a copy of Bookends on vinyl....I've become a vinyl junkie...it's a terrible addiction...(please tell me you've seen High Fidelity).....Bookends is perhaps my favorite S and G album...America is a truly fab song.
America the Beautiful by Ray Charles is a perfect example of a song that, even though I've heard it maybe a hundred times in my life, can still move me to tears by the end. ♥ Ray.
Thanks for the thoughts. :) I keep meaning to continue with these lists, but then I get busy and forget... consider me newly motivated. I appreciate the comments! ;)
Sure thing. :) I liked the lists, keep them coming!