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Songs You Might Find Interesting: A5-8

5) Against All Odds - The Postal Service
      ...because sometimes it takes a cover to prove just how good a song can be
      ...because the transition from lo-fi is beautifully unexpected, even when you know it's coming
      ...because I can tell a Postal Service tune from 100 paces, and that's a good thing

      ...to the way a change in instrumentation and syncopation can move us from saccharine to heart-felt

6) Airport Song - Guster
      ...because "Glad you made it; welcome to the farm / Who's your daddy? I'm your daddy now" is a freakily catchy first line
      ...because it showcases Brian Rosenworcel's drumming
      ...because it ends with ping-pong

      ...to the way the song ultimately builds into a disorienting disintegration

7) AKA Driver - They Might Be Giants
      ...because a song about time and space has never sounded so good
      ...because the "big hand's on 120 / little hand's on E" -- awesome
      ...because it's about NyQuil, dude!

      ...and bounce up and down, as you should during any good TMBG song

8) Alice Childress - Ben Folds Five
      ...because Ben Folds does isolation and alienation better than most
      ...because every Ben Folds Five song has a deeper meaning, if you pay attention
      ...because it gives me chills, and I'm the one making the list

      ...to any Ben Folds album, in its entirety, when this song is finished

  • Never Forget

    January 31st, 2007

  • "The Seeker"?

    Hmmm. Be very, very afraid. (And I thought I was frightened before.) Was Over Sea, Under Stone deemed too dull for a crowd of 2007 children?

  • See Also

    Clicky to comic source. (I'd also find someone who could do a better job with the text.)

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