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So, I finally got around to posting my little HOWTO on setting up a music ticker on your web site in such a way that it won't constantly pop windows at you every time the song changes. This forced me to go through my perl code that munges and ships the song lists to YARK again, which, in turn, forced me to actually comment the code. Woot. You can see the products of that effort right about here.

Please note that I hate it when people use the word 'here' as a link, rather than some informative phrase or word. What a hypocrite.

In other news, I got a new pager. Damn. I was getting used to not having one. Now I'm going to have to try to not forget it every morning. Feh.

Don't make me come over there.

Last weekend was quite fun -- I got to go into Boston two (2) times -- once to see the Sox game on Friday night, and once to meet up with a couple friends from way back in High School. One of the friends was fooboy, the other wasn't.

That's it for now, fruitcakes. I've got nothing more to say. Actually, I had nothing to say to begin with. You might have caught that.

  • Never Forget

    January 31st, 2007

  • "The Seeker"?

    Hmmm. Be very, very afraid. (And I thought I was frightened before.) Was Over Sea, Under Stone deemed too dull for a crowd of 2007 children?

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    Clicky to comic source. (I'd also find someone who could do a better job with the text.)

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