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1) I have a black eye, and no idea how I got it.
2) I really like the Prince song When Doves Cry.  Especially the chorus; I love the way the lines about his mother and father are in different couplets.  There's a great coherency there that holds the whole thing together.
3) For the 'Irritating Office Habits' list: Playing music on your headphones loudly enough that it can be heard by your neighbors as weird, tinny background noise.  Also: clipping your fingernails.
4) I still haven't given up on the Red Sox.  The worst part of the series so far is the fact that I truly feel the Sox have a better team.  Our offense needs to kick it into gear, yo.
5) Go Kerry.  Here's hoping his performance last night was enough better than Bush's that he'll be able to stand up to the inevitable succeeding deluge of intentional misrepresentation sure to come.
6) I like hats.  Cats I can give or take.
7) All this Sox talk shouldn't imply that I'm not awfully proud of the Patriots for winning 19 in a row.  Great job, lads.  It's just, see, New England is baseball land, y'know?
8) I brought "The Very Best of The Pogues" and "The Postal Service - Give Up" in to the ol' job today.
9) Is it the weekend yet?
10) I need to get to Sears sometime soon -- I bought a half-priced NordicTrack stationary bike, and I need to pick it up.  Mayhap I'll actually be in shape to do more riding next year than I was this year.

That is all.  Please return to your typical daily tasks.

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