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I don't like flying.

Honestly, it's not the flying I so dislike, it's the airlines themselves.  Flying used to be classy, exciting, and high-brow, and the airlines seem to think they can act as though it still is, even as they treat their customers like shit.  The hypocrisy gets to me a bit, I guess, but I'm as bound to the current system as anybody else.

I mention this because I'm getting on a plane tomorrow morning, and I'll be spending an absurd portion of the rest of the day there.


I'll be away for about a week and a half, in any case.  That's right, I'm out of town like something that quickly removes itself from a relatively small collection of primarily single-family homes.

If you need to get in contact with me, try saying my name three times, spinning four times (widdershins), and clicking your heels.  I won't magically appear, but maybe it'll cheer you up.  If it doesn't, try the Hokey Pokey.

Have a lovely time, and I'll see you when I get back.

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