Wicker King (jtoomey) wrote,
Wicker King

Lore's Latest Ratings

This, right here -- a selection from his rating of "Aspects of the ATM" -- is a good example of why I tend to read everything Lore writes:

      I remember when banks used to charge you to use ATMs. Now they pay you to stay the hell away from their tellers. Fine with me, I was overjoyed when gas pumps started taking plastic and I'm looking forward to the day when you can swipe a card through your phone and the pizza delivers itself to your door without a stoned community college student in tow. But they're still charging you for being an ATM slut with competing banks. Generally I just compensate by pulling out more money, but one of these days they're going to flash "THIS ATM DOESN'T WANT MUCH, JUST YOUR VOICE" and I'll hit okay without really paying attention and they'll have me! D

  • Never Forget

    January 31st, 2007

  • "The Seeker"?

    Hmmm. Be very, very afraid. (And I thought I was frightened before.) Was Over Sea, Under Stone deemed too dull for a crowd of 2007 children?

  • See Also

    Clicky to comic source. (I'd also find someone who could do a better job with the text.)

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