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Contact Info Change

If any of you had my emc.com email address, be advised that I'll no longer be working there come monday... so use John at yark dot org instead.

That looks cool. It's like one of those captchas they use at ticket sales sites. Just imagine a swirly, colorful background behind it. Go ahead, I dare you.

I also, unfotunately, now feel like I've been writing spam. I need to take a shower.

  • Never Forget

    January 31st, 2007

  • "The Seeker"?

    Hmmm. Be very, very afraid. (And I thought I was frightened before.) Was Over Sea, Under Stone deemed too dull for a crowd of 2007 children?

  • See Also

    Clicky to comic source. (I'd also find someone who could do a better job with the text.)

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