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(That's a meme variant, for those of you out of the loop. That's all of you; the loop is me.)

List your common interests with your LJ friends:

buran: perl, stars
chernabog: duran duran, snow
cornrelish: cowboy bebop, stars
dogson: stars
dramaprincess: lofts
emurphy42: cowboy bebop
koloagirl: gardens
macbadger: yark
unteins: cowboy bebop, perl

Of course, if you're a friend who's not in this list, it says more about me than it does about you. I have odd interests.

Sorry to kill your comment, chernabog, but I got sick of trying to edit this entry, and just deleted and reposted it.</a>

  • Never Forget

    January 31st, 2007

  • "The Seeker"?

    Hmmm. Be very, very afraid. (And I thought I was frightened before.) Was Over Sea, Under Stone deemed too dull for a crowd of 2007 children?

  • See Also

    Clicky to comic source. (I'd also find someone who could do a better job with the text.)

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