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The Monster at the End of This Book: An Amazon Review

    (3 of 5 stars) Warning: Not Suitable For Children, September 13, 2003
    Reviewer: Jenny Smithe from Seattle, WA USA

    Most adults don't really get this book, but I love it. It makes me feel so naughty to torture little Grover by flipping the page. "Ha ha, I knocked down that brick wall. Oh, you better worry, I just ripped out those boards you nailed up. Oh, you don't want me to turn the page? Well, I'm going to anyway..." What fun.

    I do have some concerns with it though: should children really be reading this kind of literature? In a "No Means No" society, should we be planting such ideas into the fragile, impressionable minds of the future. It concerns me that the first sentences some children read are strangely sadomasochistic. Really, throw a leather hood over Grover's head and put a zipper over his mouth and you're his instant dominatrix. So, keep this book hidden in your dresser drawer, or you might run the risk of making a fifty mile commute every Saturday morning to visit your little boy in the state prison.
No, really.
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