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TwentieSomethings: Please fill it out, it's fun and educational!

1. Something worth hearing:
If not Moxy Fruvous, then: _The Luckiest,_ by Ben Folds -- it's one of the best love songs recently written, in that it doesn't make me cringe.

2. Something worth seeing:
The patterns in a spider's web -- hey, don't just sweep it up and away!

3. Somewhere worth a visit (physically):
Florence, Italy -- plan on spending longer there than anywhere else in the country

4. Somewhere worth a visit (web):
Beholder's Planetarium -- the puzzles aren't mandatory, and the story's worth the (free) price of admission.

5. Something to touch:
I'd like to touch the ground... on the moon. I hope to live long enough to see this possible for a normal, unexciting person like myself. It's coming.

6. Something to taste:
Coffee milk is not coffee with milk in it; it's cold milk with coffee syrup in it. Think coffee ice cream, but better.

7. Something to smell:
Cedar wood -- it's common, but I find it untouchable in the sniffability department.

8. Something to feel:
A stingray -- they're smooth and spongy, like a wet mushroom

9. Something to try:
A food that sounds nasty, but with which I have no real firsthand experience

10. Something to read:
_Illusions,_ by Richard Bach is excellent, and short enough to read in an afternoon.

11. Something to experience before you die:
Playing a song you wrote on a stage in front of people you don't know

12. Something you like that's old:
Two-masted schooners

13. Something you like that's new:
Instant Messaging

14. Something to do (outdoors):
Plant a garden.

15. Something to do (indoors):
Write a novel.

16. Something to avoid:
Believing that the poor and homeless are just lazy and worthless

17. Someone to know:
Your parents -- they're not eternal

18. Someone you don't know but wish you knew:
This really depends on what is meant by 'know' -- if the someone would be really close, not just an acquaintance, then this is a much more difficult question. It's very tempting to choose someone 'important' who I feel is misguided in the hope that I could be a positive influence in their life, but the charisma which most of these people possess might facilitate the opposite effect, making me more like them. So I could choose someone I think would be inspiring to others around them, and maybe they would make me a better, more creative person: John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen Hawking... hmm. I think I'll go with Isaac Asimov -- all accounts I've read present him as an incredible mind, and a compassionate, kind soul. There was a book of his letters published posthumously... I can't remember the title, but it really showed how much he cared about people.

19. Something to remember:
Everyone has something they do better than you;
everyone has something they can't do as well as you can;
everyone has something to offer you;
everyone you touch comes away a different person than they were before they met you.

20. Something to inspire:
"I am invincible as long as I'm alive." -- John Mayer

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