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I have a very strange memory.

I can't "picture" things.

Let's say we spent the evening with friends, you and I. We went to dinner at Chez Fruitbat, and, later that night, you ask me who was sitting on my left -- was it Florence or Carl? Most folks would just picture the scene, I understand, and not only be able to produce that it was Florence, but that she had circles under her eyes, and was wearing a peach sweater which made her look ill.

I would provide the placement info based on a detail I remembered, not from any picture I could mentally retrieve -- It wasn't Carl, because he was sitting across from me. I remember this because I kept stepping on his foot... so it must have been Florence. I had no reason to mark the circles under her eyes, so I wouldn't remember that now, but I do recall the sweater, because I thought it was so butt-ugly.

Get the idea? That's just an example, but it's a pretty common scenario, actually.

I think I'm so logic oriented because I have to be, otherwise I'd never remember anything.

I'm a big fan of games -- board games, video games, whatever -- and my memory works the same way there. I don't forget games... I can tell you the exact layout of the board, the number and type of cards in the deck, and the type and quantity of dice used, but don't ask me about the art on the board, or about the liner in the box which holds the pieces -- I simply wouldn't have noted them, unless the design was particularly wonderful or awful.

I'm serious; I remember games that well.

My friend Mike bought me a card came for my birthday, and I can tell you that there are, in the box, exactly 4 rules reference cards, 7 cardboard "boards", 49 "wanted" cards -- 7 for each board -- and a bunch of "sherrif" card types -- 7, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, and 7 of each, respectively. I can provide the titles on each card, and most of the text too.

The game came with a big ol' pile of score markers as well, but I can't tell you how many of those were provided. Why? It didn't matter. One game in which we run out, though, and I'll know from then on.

Somtimes I worry that this lack of visual history is going to make me forget things I want to remember, though. For example, I can't really remember what my great grandmother looked like... but she died when I was really young. I still remember what my Dad and my grandparents looked like quite well -- I think I just spent so much time with them I had to notice details -- so maybe I'm worrying about nothing.

That doesn't make the thought of your memories slipping away any less frightening, though.

I have a very strange memory.

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