August 7th, 2006

Songs You Might Find Interesting: A5-8

5) Against All Odds - The Postal Service
      ...because sometimes it takes a cover to prove just how good a song can be
      ...because the transition from lo-fi is beautifully unexpected, even when you know it's coming
      ...because I can tell a Postal Service tune from 100 paces, and that's a good thing

    Listen: the way a change in instrumentation and syncopation can move us from saccharine to heart-felt

6) Airport Song - Guster
      ...because "Glad you made it; welcome to the farm / Who's your daddy? I'm your daddy now" is a freakily catchy first line
      ...because it showcases Brian Rosenworcel's drumming
      ...because it ends with ping-pong

    Listen: the way the song ultimately builds into a disorienting disintegration

7) AKA Driver - They Might Be Giants
      ...because a song about time and space has never sounded so good
      ...because the "big hand's on 120 / little hand's on E" -- awesome
      ...because it's about NyQuil, dude!

      ...and bounce up and down, as you should during any good TMBG song

8) Alice Childress - Ben Folds Five
      ...because Ben Folds does isolation and alienation better than most
      ...because every Ben Folds Five song has a deeper meaning, if you pay attention
      ...because it gives me chills, and I'm the one making the list

    Listen: any Ben Folds album, in its entirety, when this song is finished
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