April 13th, 2005

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From a comment on Dave Barry's Blog, re: a post mocking Windows XP SP2 and the forced installation thereof:
    Well I guess no one else wants to admit to being an Apple user so I will. They're releasing a new OS soon and I'm willing to bet there won't be any "embarassing security loopholes." In fact since everyone ignores Apple anyway, the computer nerds probably haven't even made a virus for Apple in a while. You can use your unsafe PCs if you like, but I'll stick to my Apple so that stories like this one are completely irrelevant to me.

    Posted by: Nate on April 13, 2005 03:25 PM
(Spelling error preserved for extra mockability.)

It's people like you, Nate, who make every other Apple user reluctant to admit their affiliation.  Smug self-congratulations are never endearing.  Write it on your forehead so you don't forget.  You're not the only Apple user willing to speak up, you're just the only one who felt the need to incompetently proselytize, jackass.
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