March 10th, 2004

Mister J. Fox: Ratings Enhancer

I was channel surfing last night -- a rare occurrence. I typically don't watch TV, but the Red Sox were in an exhibition game, and I watched for a bit, and then I lost interest, and then I flipped about, and then I found a show with Michael J. Fox in it, and then I thought, "What the Hell? I'll watch. It's Michael J. Fox."

I like Mr. Fox. Always have.

Anyway, it turned out the show was Scrubs, and I watched two episodes in which Fox guest starred. The show's pretty good - I actually find it funny, which is a relief, as it's a comedy. Fox's role was an obsessive compulsive surgeon, and he really made the most of the character. There was a great scene at the end of the first episode in which the main character, John (played by Zach Braff) manages to track down Fox's surgeon (Kevin) in order to tell him off for being so damn good at everything, and finds him washing his hands compulsively two hours after completing his last surgery. It's actually a really touching scene, and Fox doesn't overdo it, leaving you feeling… well, feeling what doesn't really matter does it? It's amazing when a show leaves me feeling anything but relieved these days.
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