July 14th, 2003

The Fray

I used to have a link to The Fray on Y A R K, but they seem to update incredibly infrequently, like once per planetary alignment, or something.

Of course, when your stories are as well-written as the current feature, you can get away with that sort of behavior.
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New Work PC Means...

...it's time to recompile my hack which updates the "last blog update" field often sighted in the left margin on Y A R K each time I post an entry. Let's hear it for technology.

If anyone else is interested, drop me a line and I'll drop you the hack. I just rewrote it to work with Semagic, since that seems to be the top of the heap for Win32 LJ clients.

I really wish the folks who write clients would provide a hook for this sort of thing so I wouldn't have to delve into their source code. Alas.
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