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I Love Toad the Wet Sprocket

I'm not telling any of you who know me anything new; Toad rocks.

A few years back, they put out their final studio album before breaking up, Coil. It included a special hidden track, Silo Lullaby, which put most hidden tracks to shame: to hear it, you had to go to their website with the CD in your drive, and click a link.

Okay, not really. Basically, the CD has a data session on it, and if you go into the right subfolder, there's a hidden .MOV file (with no video) containing the song. Thus, you can play it without going to the site. You still can't play it conveniently, though, or on your stereo.

Unsurprisingly, when the Toad Greatest Hits, P. S., was released, a year or two later, Silo was one of the two "new" tunes on it. Since I already owned every song on there except the title track, I decided to forego purchasing the disc, and live without.

Today I found an mp3 of Silo online. What a great tune. I feel a strange need to rip Coil, and burn a new copy of it with Silo Lullaby as the final track. Color me obsessive.

Just thought y'all should know. Not sure why.

PS: I still need P. S. :) I've never even heard it.

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