Wicker King (jtoomey) wrote,
Wicker King

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Magnetic Poetry

We have a (metric) ton of magnetic poetry bits on the fridge here at work, including a plethora of medieval and technological words. In my opinion, the following excerpt, proudly displayed in the kitchen, wins an award for something:
    Perilous any lady that beseechest her lover
    to tattoo the codpiece or pierce his man cluster
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you should take a pic of it and submit it to fromthefridge -- LJ community spotlight for the win. :D
Heh, is there any topic which is not represented by an LJ community? :)
See, if I was witty, I would find some wacky LJ comm and post it here. But I'm not. Or rather, I'm too lazy to be. :P
There must be a community for people who are too lazy... eh, nevermind.