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Banging it Out

When I write, I fall prey to that common pitfall of wanting every word to be perfect. I rewrite and rewrite, and, because I am never satisfied with the result, I never complete anything unless it's very, very short. I tried NaNoWriMo to help me just bang something out, just get something down, and it kinda worked, but I just couldn't keep up that pace, and, when I slowed down, I fell back into my old habits.

I'm even worse with music. I used to write a great deal of moderatly bad songs, but, these days, I can't seem to write anything. Everything feels trite, stilted, and used up, and I detest it long before I can even get a pen into my hand. It sucks; I feel like if I could just get something down, I could refine it, but I'm so horrified by the sheer ineptness of my first attempts that I can't make myself set them down to paper.

Unless I can figure out a way to break this block -- and it's nothing new... I have had it since college -- I guess that'll about wrap up my pathetic musical oeuvre. Where's my muse when I need her?
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